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Ethereum -16.31
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Token sale completed on 24 December
Goal: 1,600,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

Influ token is a token that try paid to influencers for activities done in the InfluWay platform. The platform “InfluWay” is a decentralized blogging system where creative, originative articles are provided. It is comprised of the influencer, retail and consumer. InfluWay has come to marginalize the issue people with great content have. The issue of publicity. InfluWay Ecosystem includes Influ Token (Intos) which are divided for two purposes on InfluWay. Influ Token will likely be part of the union between influencers and companies, where companies employ influencers to generate valuable content to market their products and reward them by paying them in Intos. Intos can be rewarded by earnestly influencing the platform by performing various work such as creating different contents with the qualities offered on the working platform. Influ Token gets the intent behind offering all influences an equal chance of making money on their creation.

Token Sale: 06 August — 24 December
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