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Token sale completed on 01 September
925,982 USD 10,000,000 USD 9%
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Involve (IQO)

Involve is a crypto platform for cellular apps which engages into relationship all events of the market of cellular apps: customers, builders and traders. Involve goals to point out how cellular gaming trade ought to seem like within the digital foreign money period by combining the perfect taken from conventional cellular platforms with blockchain expertise. The key job of our challenge is to convey individuals means to make use of themselves, offering them with the big selection of cellular apps, which is able to reward customers for each second spent within the app. The person is rewarded with coin (ICoin), mined in response to Proof-of-time protocol in our brand-new blockchain. Also, Involve platform will distribute income for each token holder (IToken) quarterly and distribution will start concurrently with the platform and the dimensions of reward will depend upon the dimensions of the holder’s stake in ITokens (IQO).

Token Sale: 01 June — 01 September
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