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$20,040.00 -1.33485%
Ethereum -56.66
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Token sale completed on 30 January
5,510,000 USD 27,550,000 USD 20%
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IOV produces blockchain options that empower people to firmly and seamlessly exchange and handle digital assets in the blockchain. IOV introduces a DNS-like protocol, a Blockchain Name Service, which is a registry for all your blockchain names and the benefits details on IOV’s Blockchain Communication Protocol.
IOV’s universal protocol, the BCP, is some standards that enables all blockchains to trade and interoperate with one another. The key user-facing features of IOV’s cross-chain protocol are simple “human readable” wallet addresses for delivering and getting tokens, that make token transfers as as simple using e-mail.
Another key feature is the cross-chain atomic swap wallet that enables interoperability between chains and allows various sorts of tokens become exchanged straight with one another without an authorized. With the Blockchain Communication protocol, there will be no need to begin from scratch every time a blockchain is made. Everyone is going to be able to have actually their tokens and their blockchains visible to everyone and exchanged in a simple ways, always through same wallet. Meanwhile, with the Blockchain Name Service the navigation in the IOV ecosystem becomes intuitive and human readable. The ultimate goals of IOV is to permit blockchain mass adoption by creating the exchange of values a secure, decentralized and intuitive user experience

Token Sale: 15 January — 30 January
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