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iOWN Token (IOWN)

Token sale completed on 31 July
1,500,000 USD 3,000,000 USD 50%
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iOWN Token (IOWN)

iOWN is a Blockchain-based Investment Platform established to bridge the gaps between Investors and Businesses seeking financing. iOWN Platform are a marketplace where users can pick from the many investment options listed regarding the platform. The users will have a way to utilize the iOWN Tokens to access the aforementioned service providing of the iOWN Platform and advantage from other services. The iOWN Platform shall provide their users information and details about the many investment opportunities like business location, domain, and anticipated ROI. iOWN addresses the shortages and disadvantages in the manner investments occur and are handled within the current financial systems.

Token Sale: 10 June — 31 July
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