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IP.Gold (IPG)

IP.Gold maximizes the monetization of service delivered on IP details. Based on a proven profitable business model, the IP.Gold Ecosystem takes IP addresses acquired and managed by IP.Gold and assigns them to at least one or maybe more service in a specifically created revenue generation lifecycle. The IP.Gold Ecosystem are flexible, permitting numerous services to become delivered simultaneously about the same IP and a single service become delivered on a long-term basis, with regards to the phase in the lifecycle. This produces both short-term revenue maximization and long-term revenue security. The IP.Gold Ecosystem scales effortlessly, so that the more IP addresses, the greater the sales. Best part is, as the IP.Gold Ecosystem are generating revenue on the IP details, their resource purchase benefits is increasing.
IP.Gold will leverage Blockchain tech and Smart Contracts to expand their uses into allowing and securing IP address transfers, comparable to domain transfer safety, facilitating crypto repayments for ip assets and automated escrow-backed asset transfers. Additionally, IP.Gold will utilize artificial intelligent, and automation, IP.Gold should be able to work faster to identify and transfer ip assets, setup services to produce revenue quicker, and significantly reduce operational overhead by streamlining resources.

Token Sale: 29 May — 11 July
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