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Ethereum 78.33
$1,149.12 6.81625%
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Zcash 3.99
$58.16 6.85967%
Monero 7.59
$123.72 6.13513%
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iProtocol Network (IPN)

Token sale completed on 29 July
1,011,686 USD 3,000,000 USD 33%
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iProtocol Network (IPN)

iProtocol Network is a decentralized Blockchain based one stop web, mobile and desktop application system for the general users worldwide. It’s an on the web or offline (synchronizable) application suit that covers you, your papers, company, staffs, transactions and payments – at the time of, if you have no internet connections every data will be save to device databases system and will also be kept once more after getting back to on the web within decentralized server. iProtocol Network creates an individual Operating System that are assembled with Blockchain program, server-side program and Open provider system. The system collaborates a complete Web system, Applications and Blockchain with the scope of lacking and opportunities by the recommendation of the existing and next users because of specific personal, business or industrial need.

Token Sale: 16 May — 29 July
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