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$30,218.00 2.66263%
Ethereum 59.33
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Zcash 3.89
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Token sale completed on 31 October
Goal: 70,000,000 KIMERA
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Kimera (KIMERA)

Kimera will use Nigel AGI to make present units extra clever to offer real-time options for on a regular basis life. Nigel AGI comprehends what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, and can be capable of orchestrate adjustments in our surroundings that will help you attain your purpose, no matter that could be. Rather than having to go to an app retailer, your cellphone will know which apps you want, once you want them, and can proactively counsel them to you to simplify your life. Your cellphone would know once you want a trip, and join you on to a driver. Making units clever will allow the Internet to proactive set up peer-to-peer connections, and consequently, intermediary providers will ultimately not be wanted.

Token Sale: 15 June — 31 October
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