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Token sale completed on 15 September
990,000 USD 5,870,000 USD 16%
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KNL – is a system that unites and considers the requirements of farmers, traders, investors, exporters. We provide each participant with the possibilities and instruments that define a whole chain of efficient processes for maintaining the operational activities for the agricultural industry KNL tokenization platform are the digitization of grain assets, genuine estate and property. KNL provides not only financing, plants storage founded alone elevators, but furthermore completely solves any logistics issues. KNL includes infrastructure that guarantees a full cycle of logistics operations, particularly, the opportunity of loading crops into our transportation right through the combine and its particular after transportation to your elevator, as well as crops delivery to your buyer through the elevator. The whole process will likely be highly digitalized, which will render the farmer the opportunity to control the transport and storage peculiarities of each and every unit of grain plants. An key component of the project are surely the insurance of both the future harvest and already harvested plants.
Purpose of IEO realization
Fundraising for stock launching, growth of our personal Stellar – based blockchain to guarantee most transparent and secure cross-border repayments
MASS MEDIA ABOUT US—platforma-dlya-fermera-i-investora-1028067028
Roseni 13, Tallinn "OasisLine"
8 (800) 551 – 41 – 34
[email protected]

Token Sale: 15 August — 15 September
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