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Konios Project (KON)

Token sale completed on 30 September
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Konios Project (KON)

Our mission is always to supply the world's easiest use of the crypto community. There is currently the chance to acquire cryptocurrencies in exchanges with Fiat money (old-fashioned currency such as Euro, United States Dollar or Yen) by bank transfer or credit card via various on the web platforms. Nevertheless, lots of people fail to gain a foothold inside crypto community. The needed disclosure of personal information, as well as the laborious managing of platforms with time-consuming registrations and the unpredictability of system operators, present laymen with big and unpopular challenges. In choice to these aggravating circumstances, you can find often high concealed fees and a necessary cooperation involving the particular banks and states. The introduction are usually described more simply than it truly is in the real implementation. The Konios project puts a conclusion to each one of these problems.

Token Sale: 01 July — 30 September
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