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Token sale completed on 10 October
2,752,000 USD 4,000,000 USD 68%
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The goal of this KVANTOR venture is to provide a real freedom to economic agents of this international market. The platform allows decreasing money transfer terms down seriously to minutes, deal expenses and issues of errors — very nearly down to zero, and volume of required documents — down seriously to minimal possible one. Using KVANTOR, currency and commodity exchanges should be able to provide their clients with services according to the technologies of the future, and banking institutions becomes not merely economic organizations but full company partners. We create an instrument for the development of the ecosystem of equal affordable agents (from physical entities to transnational corporations) that has no entry barrier, provides its individuals with win-win model work and erases economical and governmental borders but herewith possesses the highest amount of information safeguards.

Token Sale: 27 August — 10 October
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