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Real Estate
Token sale completed on 15 September
Goal: Not set

LAND LAYBY Listing are a distributed ledger for recording land and conveyance information that may never be altered, corrupted, forged or replicated in mistake. A block contains all information about a certain piece of land. Once a block space is exhausted with deals, a new block is done and they have been linked together through cryptography. The result is a linear and chronological order referred to as Blockchain. Each time a block gets finished, a new block are generated. There are a countless quantity of such blocks in the blockchain. The use of cryptography to protected and chain data in the obstructs creates an immutable record that is unchangeable by design. Land LayBy Listing on blockchain will contain up to date information regarding a certain land asset. This makes LLL an independent verification listing and in which appropriate a mirror of just what was and are reflected in the Ministry of Land registry hence speeding up the procedure of decision-making in instances where land could be the core component of development.

Token Sale: 01 September — 15 September
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