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Token sale completed on 28 February
56,899 USD
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LetItPlay prepares the Internet for its audio future by making a decentralized ecosystem with consideration economic system which permits any information portal, blogger of group to simply create, distribute and monetize audio variations of their content material. LetitPlay is backed by EOS blockchain expertise. Decentralized nature of this resolution permits us to implement a genuinely clear and truthful consideration economic system designed to reward content material creators for shopper consideration to content material, together with listens, likes, feedback and reposts.
The LetItPlay ecosystem will join not solely Content Providers and normal Consumers, but additionally Service Providers i.e., those that put of their effort to supply audio content material, together with voiceover artists, audio recording studios, translators, editors, and so forth. This signifies that any information portal or particular person blogger can afford to create audio content material and do it at minimal value. It is as straightforward as selecting a studio and voiceover artist.

Token Sale: 25 December — 28 February
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