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Token sale completed on 09 June
80,885 USD
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They are a brand new gaming firm, our core enterprise is making new nice browser and cell video games.
Theyconcentrate on the event of free-to-play video games that yield income via the in-game micropayments.
Their goal is to deal with delivering profitable and easy-to-use video games.
Along with Game improvement, we take up on digital micropayments, for this reason we’re launching LeviarCoin, a ready-to-use fraud prevention over Blockchain software program.
LeviarCoin, by its nature, shouldn’t be solely a software program safety device, but in addition a foreign money.
Goals: Create a foreign money that may be simply traded or used as in-app/software program foreign money; construct a safety library to inhibit frauds in on-line functions and video games; embrace open-source philosophy by releasing all supply code of software program, libraries and contributing with patches.

Token Sale: 07 April — 09 June
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