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Token sale completed on 31 March
4,900,000 USD 8,000,000 USD 61%
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Lition are developing the sole scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, designed for commercial products. Designed with Lition's live P2P trading use case, and co-innovated with SAP. Lition, in co-innovation with SAP, are a foundation that develops another generation blockchain infrastructure made for organizations to create blockchain applications from their presently predominant Proof-of-Concept stage into commercial products with mass-market adoption in a legally compliant way. Our infrastructure is the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features. SAP, a business with >400.000 customers and also the power of >10.000 developers, are developing the decentral ledger and smart agreement layer, with Lition providing the available consensus layer.

Token Sale: 01 March — 31 March
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