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Monero 3.41
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Token sale completed on 31 August
619 USD 3,000,000 USD 0%
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LookRev (LOOK)

LookRev provides an open network in an area traditionally impassable, builds a gateway for item creators, designers, distributors and consumers. Discover brand new creative products, collaborate on creating brand new items or verify attribution of a product through a truly clear blockchain system. Using LookRev, you can create immutable and timestamped digital signatures for your creative works, watermarked onto the item images and register their innovative assets to the LookRev community. Because the network is decentralized and guaranteed by the blockchain, the data continues to be safe, verifiable and immutable.

Token Sale: 06 August — 31 August
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$14,582.1719878 7.2000000 ETH
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