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Token sale completed on 28 February
5,500,000 USD
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Our mission is to make really user-friendly smartglasses, and a blockchain-based AR app ecosystem. Lucyd owns a profile of 13 unique, exclusively-licensed AR patents that may allow for the development of an interactive AR display that’s lightweight, ergonomic, comfortable, has a broad field of view, auto-adjusts to lighting circumstances, accommodates corrective lenses and appears like a normal set of eyeglasses. Lucyd Lens is going to be an AR peripheral compatible with existing Android and iOS devices and apps, while also supporting Lucyd-native content. Lucyd is launching a sale of the LCD token to bring you the glasses of the future. The goals of this token sale is to collect the financing recommended to produce a pre-production model of Lucyd Lens, as well regarding produce the Lucyd Lab blockchain. Lucyd Lab will drive 3rd party native application development and user engagement for Lucyd Lens via automatic LCD rewards. The LCD token is a way to become an integral part of the AR revolution.

Token Sale: 31 October — 28 February
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