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Token sale completed on 18 July
Goal: 16,891,900 USD
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Maestro is primarily composed of two components: "Symphony," the streaming service, and "Ensemble," the crowdfunding heart. Artists can increase funds for his or her mission previous to manufacturing via Ensemble. After finishing the mission, they’ll then distribute their creations and generate income via Symphony. The distribution and dealing with of rights, copyright, and transactions are all transparently executed via Symphony in accordance with knowledge recorded on Maestro's blockchain. Maestro will grow to be the brand new paradigm for the music trade. We at Maestro will present an setting that permits for unhampered creation in addition to an ecosystem that pretty divides rights of songs between artists and traders, and earnings amongst all token holders. Maestro goals to revolutionize the bureaucratic media trade and to cooperate with current events to in the end support and nurture a better variety of artists.

Token Sale: 07 July — 18 July
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