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Marqyt (MRQ)

Business Services
Token sale completed on 20 October
Goal: 7,000,000 USD
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Main objective of Marqyt try to decrease the amount of counterfeit goods, thereby increasing the profits of original productions and clearing the market of low-quality counterfeit products. Using the application MARQYT, the producer or the maker will have a way to enter certain information about its item in the blockchain in a few clicks. Furthermore, the item is assigned a unique rule, which, in contrast to GlobalTradeItemNumber, will keep all the necessary data about the item, and not only about its commodity item. A unique encrypted product recognition code can be applied to, and marked on, the goods in every convenient technical way for the producer or the maker, including within the kind of QR-code, NFC stickers, and RFID label tags. In choice, other means applied for automatic recognition can be used as such technologies, namely: optically recognizable identifiers (barcodes, DataMatrix), online equipment and facilities for monitoring, localization and position fixing with all the active RTLS label.

Token Sale: 05 September — 20 October
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