Bitcoin -480.46
$10,456.79 -4.59474%
Ethereum -28.47
$343.43 -8.28881%
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Zcash -4.74
$52.77 -8.97638%
Monero -3.33
$89.77 -3.7137%
Tether 0.00
$1.00 0.12655%
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$0.00 -24.51827%
Stellar -0.01
$0.07 -8.46756%
Token sale completed on 16 December
Goal: Not set
Mavin (MVN)

Mavin’s eyesight try to become an international marketplace manufacturer, where brands and businesses (marketers) and nano and micro influencers (influencers) come together. The marketers will benefit by reaching a more extensive readers with a higher engagement price. And the influencers will become paid by the marketers for many of their social networking mentions, giving them the chance to participate directly in the marketing budget invest. The marketing spend wont just become distributed to well-known and famous influencers, but also to ordinary people. Because everyone’s an influencer.

Token Sale: 22 November — 16 December
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Know Your Customer
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