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At Medical Veda, we believe this is the right time to the medical and health care industry by decentralizing the
process of data storage and giving its access back to where it belongs, i.e., patients. With our platform, Medical
Veda, we strive to collect and aggregate patient data from hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, and all other
healthcare-related departments. This will let people view and monitor their and their loved one’s full health in
one place. Users can also securely share their health profiles with other hospitals and doctors. Medical Veda will work as an innovative platform with the potential to revolutionize the modern-age health care industry by allowing patients to become the owner of their health records. It will serve as a decentralized platform that enables users to have full custody of their personal medical records, allowing them to have a transparent exchange of the documents with relevant health care providers such as a Clinics, Hospitals, medical practitioners, Insurance companies, universities, pharmaceutical companies, medical research companies, and health departments. Its vision is unique has the first-mover advantage of utilizing blockchain technology to build the very first health digital ecosystem in Canada and Australia. In simpler terms, Medical Veda functions as a marketplace that enables users to negotiate commercial terms with third parties for alternative uses or applications of their health data. It provides a Personal Health Record(PHR) platform, which not only enables an individual to store their related health records but also helps them share it with their care provider with their consent and discretion.

Token Sale: 01 September — 08 October
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