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MEDoctor (MTEL)

MEDoctor wants to provide its services to virtually any patient around the world. Everyone deserves appropriate medical, including in developing countries and in remote areas, in which healthcare in not effortlessly accessible.
The MEDocto AI system is currently built and available at : http://www.MEDoctor.com MEDoctor is rolling out an artificial intelligence for diagnosis (which is free for worldwide usage).
Based on the company’s proprietary 27,560 case research, the MEDoctor AI includes 898 conditions and circumstances covering over 99 % of visits primary care doctors. Accessing our web site straight from a smartphone or from a PC / Mac, a patient may start a diagnosis (DDx), helping them to help make the appropriate decision regarding their condition. They may also obtain a diagnosis for the next individual. It is obtainable 24/7/365 worldwide.
One of the instant choices offered to your patient is always to speak with a doctor via their / the girl smartphone. In MEDoctor’s network, online health practitioners, by video can advise the patient, without the patient needing wait days for a consultation or to commute, whilst still receiving advice from a licensed medical professional. He may also receive a prescription and a treatment, if needed.

Token Sale: 01 November — 31 May
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