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MindSports (MIND)

Token sale completed on 16 December
1,680,300 USD
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MindSports (MIND)

MindSports IO is a decentralized social video gaming network running on Ethereum technology, IPFS, Whisper and the MIND Registry for intellectual sports such as Chess, Draughts (Checkers), Xiangqi, Bridge and Go.
We aim to eradicate the need for trusting an individual party host running and governing a centralized platform. MindSports IO provides an opportunity for userʼs participation in the system governance of MindSports IO development. Mind games will become developed and deployed to the network according in your thoughts Registry choice. It also allows consumers to host their online rated tournaments and games for the community. Host is awarded cryptocurrency tokens (HEAD) with respect to the quantity of individuals as well as the token commitment created from their hosted occasions. Viewers also have the choice to engage in the governance community to be in game disputes and obtain rewarded accordingly. MindSports IO align incentives across all stake holders and connect HEAD token to the core action of the network growth.

Token Sale: 14 November — 16 December
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