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MobaCoin (MBC)

Token sale completed on 25 July
5,155,250 USD 7,732,875 USD 66%
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Mobacoin try an electronic money that we developed as tokens that we focus on for mobaexchange, mobacoin is designed using a contract smart ethereum. utilizing code specify ERC-20.
Function of mobacoin :
1.Digital money
Mobacoin is made so it can be put as an international electronic money, which may be used by all cryptocurrency users throughout the globe.
2.Main fiat
Mobacoin can also be created as the main fiat within the future moba trade. we also target mobacoin to submit many Exchange.
3.Main set
We will use Mobacoin among the pairs on the mobaexchange.
4.Purchasing products
Mobacoin will likely be always buying products in our marketplace.
5.Exchange charges
You can use mobacoin to pick anything in our exchange,

Token Sale: 25 April — 25 July
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