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Mt Pelerin (MPS)

At Mt Pelerin, we believe that a development of banking is long overdue. With the worldwide passion for FinTech and the ever growing success of blockchain technologies, we are in possession of all the proper tools to make this evolution happen.
We ambition to design a fully managed and compliant bank on blockchain in Geneva, Switzerland. Our key concept could be the tokenization of the entire balance sheet of the bank, creating the usage of smart contracts on any asset feasible. Implemented around a modular and open system, comprehensive banking services will be delivered as marketplaces where the trade of tokenized assets will be possible with unprecedented liquidity, transparency and efficiency. This will even allow us greatly reduce operational costs compared to conventional banks, while radically democratizing the access to assets and investment opportunities.
Being available to services from more banking institutions in purchase to bring most choice to your customers and a healthier competition, our marketplaces will function as the bridge we have envisioned.
Our business model try additionally created to keep 100% of our consumers’ current accounts in reserve, acting as a custodian bank, in a totally transparent way. In in this way, they’ll understand that their assets is safe with us and not leveraged for the profit. Instead, revenue will be driven from value-adding and innovative solutions provided on our marketplaces.

Token Sale: 30 October — 15 December
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