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NagriCoin (NGRX)

Industry & Production
Token sale completed on 01 September
519,638 USD 22,000,000 USD 2%
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NagriCoin (NGRX)

The key benefit of NagriCoin over different cryptocurrencies is its sectoral specificity. Being the one agricultural token Nagricoin is tied to the actual sector of the economic system which compensates forex fluctuation and provides lasting worth. The token fundamental asset is the Nagri-HL – latest natural composite formulation of microelements and antioxidants stimulating plant progress. Being in growth for greater than 7 years this superior product demonstrates the rise of yields and high quality for nearly any crop it’s utilized to and due to this fact will discover huge utility in agricultural and plant cultivation sectors all over the world.

Token Sale: 28 May — 01 September
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