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Token sale completed on 28 February
13,950,000 USD
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NapoleonX is the first 100% algorithmic crypto asset manager. We are a French entity which will be fully regulated and licensed. We have been founded by former multi-billion asset managers at Tier 1 banks, who’ve designed and operate high-performance trading bots the past 10 ages. We think that two phenomenons are currently shaping a brand new paradigm that will totally redefine the investment industry, to your advantage of the community, while giving anyone usage of the most effective investment strategies. On the main one hand, we witness the introduction of the latest governance schemes enabled by smart contracts (as well as the corresponding DAOs, DACs, etc) and on the other hand, we observe the omnipresence of the investing quant campaigns and bots in the best hedge funds and banks. Combining those two expanding developments enables individuals to get their complete freedom right back on their investments, far from current investment mechanisms managed by an ever ageing bank operating system. NapoleonX’s benefits proposal is underpinned by long-standing, high-performing trading bots running on a variety of highly fluid assets. NaPoleonX will capitalize on a broad range of current trading systems developed by an experienced team in monetary markets. Our team will carry on designing and managing new trading bots which will be encapsulated into investment vehicles, aka Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAF), to be able to give investors access to robust investing campaigns. These investment solutions have been tailored with crypto-holders in mind, who are looking for decent comes back on their savings.

Token Sale: 22 January — 28 February
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