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Token sale completed on 30 September
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Netterium (NETR)

Netcheckr is a Blockchain-based online market connecting social media influencers to businesses worldwide. The Netcheckr system uses Netterium, an Ethereum-based token, as the unified mode of payment between influencers and companies, in choice to Blockchain-based smart agreements. This will let the safe and regulated discussion of all events, preventing fraudulence as well as the dependence on third party intermediaries. Netcheckr’s Smart Algorithms assistance brands choose the most effective influencers considering different parameters like relevance, appeal and demographics. The user-friendly software provides profile pages for several influencers and quantified marketing campaign projections, maximizing the return on marketing budgets. The system also assists both small and large-scale influencers discover new brands and monetise content quicker and profitably

Token Sale: 30 April — 30 September
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