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Neutro (NTO)

The Neutro Protocol solves the trilemma of scalability, protection and decentralization, enables anonymous transactions and eradicates the need for centralized oracles. Neutro people can cause a decentralized version of just about any real-world markets that exists now only in a centralized system that individuals all use currently.
Scalability, Security, Decentralization
Neutro utilizes sharding to increase network capacity along with a novel protocol that merges proof work with validation tokens to ensure protection and decentralization in an energy-efficient way. The protocol is created to make sure that the incentive to preserve health of the network are aligned with the specifications of all community participants, giving the first blockchain to measure without nominating central nodes. This backbone are the initial step to make Neutro a technology for mass adoption.
Anonymous deals are component of every bank system, so they must be element of any economy, like cryptoeconomy. Neutro uses part encryption of the message to make sure that transactions is anonymous but can still be visible on the blockchain and validated. Security measures is additionally taken fully to protect transactors and ensure just honest actors prevail in validating and securing the privacy of the transactions.
Decentralized Oracles
Oracles centralize blockchains, but without them, the blockchain is introspective only. Neutro uses Schelling Point Schemes to bring external data into the blockchain. Any benefits can become appeared at utilising the schemes, therefore "stable" coins and "risk" coins could be created, assets can become spent in without the necessity to own them, and almost any facet of the real world economy can be replicated and put onto Neutro's scalable, anonymous blockchain.

Token Sale: 27 July — 31 July
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