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Token sale completed on 11 April
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Nexusless is a distributed, peer-to-peer content material supply community (CDN) that allows quick, safe, and environment friendly serving of internet sites, purposes, streaming content material and different knowledge throughout the current net infrastructure. Instead of serving content material from specialised machines positioned in distant server farms, Nexusless envisages storing and delivering net content material from taking part shopper gadgets that act like miniature factors or presence, usually in shut bodily proximity to any given finish consumer. Apart from offering any laptop computer or smartphone proprietor with the chance to monetize the unused computing capability of their machine, such design doubtlessly permits lowering community load and latency, in addition to guaranteeing most uptime.
Nexusless relies on a distributed filesystem with content-addressing, impressed by the IPFS (in flip derived from the sKademlia DHT and the Git versioning system). Containers for mutable states and everlasting names are utilized as properly, as a way to present steady addresses for evolving knowledge and permit interfacing with the present net infrastructure, foremost the DNS.

Token Sale: 29 March — 11 April
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