Bitcoin -780.87
$22,888.00 -3.41172%
Ethereum -83.37
$1,680.15 -4.96228%
XRP 0.03
$0.43 6.39803%
Zcash -2.43
$76.32 -3.18021%
Monero -9.82
$157.50 -6.23416%
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Token sale completed on 16 September
Goal: 5,303,360 USD
Website Whitepaper

In the fact that cryptocurrencies will soon become typical as a payment tool or “money,” many startups and companies is preparing to introduce cryptocurrency-related services and technologies. TPCT, NUPay’s brand token, functions as a medium of exchange and a store of value that may become spent and collected, credited, or accumulated through the NUPay Payment System. The NUPay system, spanning both on- and offline markets, allows the employment of TPCT tokens and other major crypto coins, alongside reward guidelines and vouchers. Promoting everyday payment in cryptocurrencies, increasing TPCT’s energy and practicality will permit its function not merely as an easy method of payment but also as an invaluable asset.
NUPay has successfully secured affiliates and franchise shops which will be able for 25 million monthly users to perform 300 million transactions of $26 billion annually. The NUPay system will enable users to invest their electronic assets and cryptos at points of acceptance both on the web and offline. Moreover, our partnership with regional and regional IC chip designers and smart card issuers which includes $152 billion worth yearly deal will extend the employment of the NUPay prepaid card to 2.9 million stores and partners, guaranteeing secure and stable operation of the offline deal using any digital and blockchain assets.
NUPay Users is able to really make the payment in crypto currencies and points at 26 billion offline markets and 152 billion online areas through NUPay internet lovers, such as 3 million available stores and 30 billion annual deals.

Token Sale: 15 July — 16 September
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