Bitcoin -753.62
$29,725.00 -2.53531%
Ethereum -73.72
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Zcash -2.51
$106.17 -2.36679%
Monero 4.09
$168.71 2.42151%
Tether 0.00
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Token sale completed on 23 June
7,798,042 USD
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NVO decentralized exchange are run through two components. The first one are a multi-cryptocurrencies open source wallet. All secrets is developed in your area on user’s device and never delivered to any server. Users get a grip on their private secrets, can receive and send funds, export wallet, and encrypt the wallet with a password or seed expression. Developers can develop and add new assets through an open plugins system maintaining the wallet lightweight. The 2nd component is a validator hosted on the Safenetwork. Users will connect to the Safenetwork through the wallet to exchange. An application will match the orders released by the users and check always all transactions and purchase informations is legitimate. Unlike centralized and semi-centralized exchanges, there is not a wallet acting as a relay. Transactions are prepared simultaneously through an order matching engine from one wallet to another. The validator on the Safenetwork will verify that the transactions are valid prior to being exchanged. The purchases is then matched and deals broadcasted in their particular systems. The validator process natural transactions and does not hold any private secrets or assets nor can it signal transactions resulting in a trustless decentralized trade using the Safenetwork to validate purchases.

Token Sale: 23 May — 23 June
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