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Token sale completed on 20 March
Goal: 5,300,000 USD
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Oasis City (OSC)

Various Themed Hubs
Oasis City Platform for VR articles try divided into various hubs like entertainment, game, education and shopping, an such like. Initial contents for every single hub will feel completely supported by the Oasis City project team, so that as the number of contents increase, the platform also can get expanded infinitely.
Creative Contents Platform and Blockchain
Oasis City Platform enables not just for the Oasis City task group but also specific developers, startup companies and big scaled organizations to freely produce articles and share revenue transparently, by combining VR and blockchain technology. It is additionally a cutting-edge kind of platform where people can enjoy the articles and have paid at the same time.
Oasis City's Currency OSC and Billing Economy System
OSC is key currency within the Oasis City also it can be put in every financial activity on the platform and the billing economy system. Billing economy system develops healthy ecosystem by circulating currencies from the truth as well as the digital world.
Oasis City's Main Contents
The goal of the Oasis City Project Team would be to facilitate a breakthrough from existing VR contents, which are generally produced by a single designer for one system, into some sort of by which all VR content try available cross-platform. This enables a richer user experience and greater interaction between the various constituent developers working together to build our provided digital globes.

Token Sale: 21 January — 20 March
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