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Open Longevity (YEAR) Logo

Open Longevity (YEAR)

Health Care
Token sale completed on 10 December
5,988 USD
Website Whitepaper

A new project in the field of biotechnology, telemedicine, medical analysis and medical service is completing preparations for pre-ICO. Open Longevity are being developed to organize analysis on aging treatments in humans through the provision of advisory services to consumers. The ultimate goal is to find and introduce effective ways of radical life extension into clinical practice. Therefore, our tokens is called YEAR.
Creating a platform, we incorporate the abilities of modern IT-systems, the expertise of leading scientific analysts and the concernment for the patients themselves—members of Open Longevity community and future users of our on line platform. It are important to note another driving force for the project—its openness and rejection of commercial benefits in those things where this make a difference the objectivity of medical research.
We is certain that effective ways to delay the start of senior years will be found—it is best a thing of time. Open Longevity desires to accelerate scientific analysis by involving a lot of individuals in clinical trials of aging therapies and creating an on-line platform for individuals to monitor wellness status, receive necessary guidelines from gerontologists, nutritionists and physicians to form a personal technique for increasing and preserving health.

Token Sale: 10 October — 10 December
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