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Open Source University (EDU) Logo

Open Source University (EDU)

Token sale completed on 01 July
500,000 USD 7,203,920 USD 6%
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Open Source University (EDU)

Learning and developing market on the blockchain. Tokenized markets between Businesses, Academia and Learners built with advanced matching algorithms excluding middleman. Providing all the necessary resources to every MOOC and academia striving to the feature whenever academic background will be transparent and traceable. WHY BLOCKCHAIN Open Source University will revolutionize the way businesses, learners and academia communicate and benefit using Ethereum blockchain technology. Blockchain will bring trust and traceability of most certificates and degrees issues by academias (MOOCs, universities etc.) Businesses can benefit by matching the best candidates excluding third parties , saving time, money and repairing most of scalability issues related to absence of professionals. MANY PROTECTED WAY TO SHOP AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR ASSETS. Open Source University legally binds all assets to a unique EDU Token. Owning EDU tokens means that your have actually the best to claim pros and to use the working platform. Tokens will be stored in your private wallets which has to be ERC20 compliant. Small levels of EDU tokens will likely be distributed into the blockchain to raise the benefits by owning such kind of assets.

Token Sale: 04 June — 01 July
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