Bitcoin 665.64
$7,237.78 9.19673%
Ethereum 0.45
$125.28 0.35974%
XRP 0.00
$0.19 0.99383%
Zcash 0.83
$59.32 1.40724%
Monero 2.72
$92.67 2.9341%
Tether -0.00
$1.00 -0.14224%
Elite -0.00
$0.00 -11.86399%
Stellar 0.00
$0.08 0.9535%
Token sale completed on 20 April
Goal: 30 000 000 USD
Opiria (PDATA)

Opiria-Platform and PDATA Token is producing a global decentralized marketplace for the safe and transparent investing of personal data. Opiria-Platform allows consumers to produce a passive income stream by monetizing their personal data. Companies can buy personal data directly from consumers and compensate them with PDATA Tokens. PDATA Token are the currency that expresses the value of personal data and enables their trading through the use of smart contracts in the blockchain. Opiria platform will link customers and companies globally and end up being the world´s largest decentralized personal data marketplace.

Token Sale: 10 April — 20 April
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