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Ethereum 20.48
$1,146.21 1.78707%
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Zcash 1.12
$57.78 1.94457%
Monero 3.28
$124.83 2.62637%
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Orch Network (ORC)

Token sale completed on 12 October
37,000,000 USD 50,000,000 USD 74%
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Orch Network (ORC)

Orch Network is a privacy-preserving decentralized zero-knowledge protected multicomputation platform for writing, testing and deploying mathematically verifiable secure cyber agreements (smart agreements), decentralized developing of software and realtime decentralized applications that behave exactly as meant. Orch ensures that no run time errors or intentional/unintentional bugs may be put as exploits to steal funds and corrupt Orch cyber contracts. Orch is an engine for launching numerous decentralized applications such as scalable decentralized businesses (DAOs), decentralized exchanges (DEXs), automatic hedge funds and darkpools.

Token Sale: 12 September — 12 October
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