Bitcoin -309.68
$30,082.00 -1.02945%
Ethereum -26.05
$2,049.22 -1.27102%
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Zcash 5.02
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Monero 3.82
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Token sale completed on 08 September
Goal: 111,397 USD
Website Whitepaper

We called our ecosystem OZOTOP. This may be the robotic decentralized society considering the TON blockchain. It's a community of experts regulated by bots (scripts, robots, algorithms)
OZOTOP's MVP will include:
* voting system
* escrow-service
* dispute quality system
* rating system
* development of each user professionalism stimulation system
* designer for producing new smart-contracts with a further presentation of the proposed discussion format for general conversation and voting
* Telegram-bots shop for different interactions between users
Members of our culture will interact with robots while making payments between each other with OZO coin
In our society model a certain robot supervisor try assigned to each expert. Robots don’t sleep, as they do not need it. They aren’t getting tired and go on working 24/7. These robots is not rude, because they is programmed for positive, efficiency, result!
All members of OZOTOP ecosystem could propose just how of project development and build very own smart-contracts with chance of discussion, voting and use for several project people
OZOTOP venture takes profit with commission from ecosystem separate experts services

Token Sale: 12 August — 08 September
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