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The PAPLE Platform takes an effort against food adulteration, promoting organic food and dairy markets. We strive to supply healthy food for a healthier society. We intend to create a transparent, easy solution to supply chain for farmers, retailers, and consumers. We seek to provide an easy-to-use system for integrating all the areas of farm-related provide chain administration including farm goods, food for the animals, equipment, warehouse renting, storage, etc. This streamlined procedure is likely to make farming considerably efficient.
The PAPLE Platform & token system creates strong connectivity inside organic food, agricultural, and dairy sectors. PAPLE offers a marketplace that delivers users with unimaginable connectivity and modernization in all areas of these marketplace is the key tenant of PAPLE. PAPLE objective try to battle against food adulteration and promote organic food and food manufacturers in a direct, easy and efficient way for commercial and social cause in the agriculture world. While creating this ecosystem, PAPLE ensures the farms are employing absolute guidelines for sustainable natural crop cultivation, as well as the humane treatment of animals.

Token Sale: 20 October — 10 April
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