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Token sale completed on 15 December
150,000 USD 3,000,000 USD 5%
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Parkade (PRKC)

There’s a worldwide parking crisis, also it’s growing each 12 months. Populations are rising and usable land are scarce in biggest metropolitan areas. There are vast amounts of cars throughout the world. They all need someplace to park, but there are not enough areas.
Since land is a site that people can’t create more of, we’ve to build up techniques to make more of the land we do have. That means building better infrastructure. This could be the goal of – to create a full-scale parking system that can be utilized in every town to make parking more affordable and convenient. We’re intelligently redesigning parking through custom technology and genuine estate management campaigns.
It starts with Parkade Coins, of which 100% of the web proceeds of this ICO is going to be invested into parking spots, lots, and parkades. Parkade Coin holders will have the right to take part in profits generated by assets owned by the company and they’re going to gain from stable price admiration. Once the Parkade Coin ICO has arrived to a finish, the first strategic action will be purchasing parking real-estate. The second stage will feel to improve on that real-estate. We will be creating up instead than down, buying and improving current lots, and making use of custom-developed technology to make parking more accessible. Together, we’ll feel solving the global parking crisis with strategic investment.

Token Sale: 01 October — 15 December
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