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$80.24 3.50871%
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Platinum QDAO (QDAO) Logo

Platinum QDAO (QDAO)

Token sale completed on 01 March
Goal: 100,000 USD
Website Whitepaper
Platinum QDAO (QDAO)

Stablecoins offer financial freedom to every consumer, they aren’t controlled by any governments or central institutions, they’re scalable, effective, and transparent. Platinum Q DAO group believes that USDQ, KRWQ, and coming stablecoins connected to the Q DAO ecosystem will take a leading place inside crypto business as a golden standard of stable coins.
The Q DAO Ecosystem comprises two coins: Q DAO and stablecoins family USDQ, KRWQ yet others.
1. Q DAO: the production of Q DAO was factored to govern the ecosystem and to spend charges within the ecosystem. Q DAO try a cryptocurrency inside a smart contract ecosystem that works with USDQ, KRWQ, CNYQ, JPYQ and other coins. They all look to being a hedge ecosystem that assists traders keep stability in guide to more coins currently in the market.
2. USDQ, KRWQ, JPYQ and others are a decentralized stablecoins backed by bitcoin. They function by making use of algorithms and are pegged to USD or appropriate nationwide currency, that try USDQ 1 = USD 1, KRWQ 1 = KRW 1 , etc.
IEO period:
Each token purchase round will bring place on the to begin each month at 17:00 KST (08:00 UTC) time from 01.06.19 till 01.03.20. The first round has completed in the beginning of this thirty days with over 15000 Q DAO coins sold! That is amongst the better results since the past bull run of 2019!
The price of the Q DAO token for each round is defined the following: this is the arithmetic average of this Q DAO token trade across all exchanges in the last two weeks.
Problem Solving:
The biggest problem to solve try reducing the volatility crypto trades face, and that’s just what USDQ and other Q DAO family members stablecoins do.
Each and each and every stablecoin is backed with some BTC safely stored with wallets which are linked to the smart agreement ecosystem. Users can set long positions on USDQ and keep those funds stable without fretting about losing their money through the swings of the crypto markets.

Token Sale: 01 July — 01 March
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