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Playtrip (PLTC)

Business Services
Token sale completed on 15 November
Goal: 10,000,000 USD
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Playtrip are a mobile application that gives you to experience a tourist itinerary through narration of a facts. An answer that combines the suggestion of travel storytelling aided by the added benefits of a mobile solution.
PlayCOIN is the currency of change inside the mobile application. The coins is aim packages (utility tokens) that allow to buy packages of stories so as to see the territory with a new model of mobile enjoyment. Playtrip writers (storytellers) create a story connected to an itinerary and upload it within the Playtrip platform from their PC; the Playtrip editorial office reviews it and, once approved, it’s uploaded into the app’s library.
The tourist chooses his facts in the library, browsing through the various categories. Once he has picked their favorite facts, he buys directly through the app a package of Playtrip points (utility token) that allow to unlock the facts and reside it from their device. The chosen story will guide him to find the schedule through an authentic story, which do not only provide information but additionally earnestly engages the consumer.

Token Sale: 30 October — 15 November
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