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Token sale completed on 22 July
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PointPay is producing a fundamentally new item that combines three services in one closed-loop ecosystem: PointPay Crypto Bank, PointPay Crypto Exchange platform and PointPay Multi-currency Wallet. We work so that our prospective users might be users of the World Wide Web living all over the world.
The repayment tool will be the PXP energy token for the ERC-20 standard, produced by PointPay considering the Ethereum system as the more popular core for building blockchain techniques. Firstly, this solution will incorporate the three above- mentioned services in one single ecosystem, and, secondly, make the PXP token a valuable resource that is going to be in demand within the cryptocurrency market.
PointPay has business contacts with an increase of than 50 banks and 25 payment systems, besides as 20 lawyers who handle issues of licensing cryptobusiness. We have 4 years of experience in supporting the functioning of payment systems, like signing contracts, working with banks, dealing with more payment techniques, having to pay funds, and creating complex payment schemes.

Token Sale: 22 July — 22 July
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