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PrepayWay (INBIT)

PrepayWay is a blockchain ecosystem that simplifies and streamlines worldwide collaboration, contracting, and payments for companies across numerous companies.
Global commerce is strained by unreliable and largely handbook paper-based procedures characterized by a lack of transparency and an absence of safe, trusted information. As an outcome, suppliers, buyers, and transporters taking part in worldwide transactions suffer money movement delays, payment disputes, and trouble in maintaining liquidity. However, the advent of blockchain technologies can eliminate these difficulties, ensuring the validity and security of transactions involved in the global motion of products and delivery of services. Moreover, by automating payment methods such as letters of credit, it can remove inefficiencies, streamline company processes, reduce operational complexity, and minimize transaction costs.
The PrepayWay’s mission would be to remove the aforementioned burden by integrating decentralized blockchain and self-executing smart contracts with business processes to introduce a fresh paradigm in international commerce. Specifically, PrepayWay provides the following:
■ legally binding agreement templates developed by legal experts in conformity with the correct national legislation and laws and translated into numerous languages;
■ self-executing smart contracts containing coded stipulations of the contracts;
■ a built-in gateway for digital and fiat currency transactions powered by licensed escrow lovers;
■ cross-border decentralized funding solution;
■ secure storage of records of smart contracts and deals on a blockchain;
■ efficient and enforceable dispute quality by SmartArb, the International Smart Mediation and Arbitration Institute.
No single company can unlock the potential of blockchain alone. The PrepayWay Blockchain Ecosystem integrates blockchain with existing company functions, leveraging it to generate value and speed up growth. The resultant synergy can lead to possibilities for strategic partnerships and usage of revolutionary technologies.

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