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Presale Ventures (EVENT)

Token sale completed on 04 October
Goal: 820,027 USD
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PreSale Ventures is a Virtual Decentralized Venture Fund and the next generation funding platform for the blockchain startups on the presale stage. PreSale Ventures’ ultimate platform ended up being created to simplify the procedure of choosing the Presale Events of the very powerful Blockchain startups by giving the early access to token generation occasions through exclusive presale terms. PreSale Ventures algorithm–based, experts and crypto–community, hybrid testing procedure will sift through startups to carefully select those that prove a genuine, validated potential. PreSale Ventures first and foremost part is to find the most promising, profitable and safe startups carefully. Therefore, Presale Ventures must remain neutral and keep maintaining the integrity for the process, while its members may have the final word regarding which startups are worthy of their trust and funds. PreSale Ventures initial eyesight try to create a comprehensive, sustainable ecosystem, dedicated to investments and incubations. Presale Ventures’ model try according to a unique hybrid of business and commercially proven methodologies, augmented screening procedure, a contractual device, an online platform and numerous perks for both investors and startups.

Token Sale: 04 September — 04 October
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