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Token sale completed on 30 June
265,867 USD 531,075 USD 50%
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ProKareX is a decentralized blockchain-based system. Our sensors and digital cameras, which will likely be installed in your own home, will protect your home from burglaries and in case a burglar tries to rob you, the authorities will be notified instantly but he will not realize that there was a signal delivered to the police so he will maybe not run plus they will effortlessly find a way to catch him. The police will temporarily get a live stream from your house so they’ll know what the burglar is doing and in which he’s going. After they have caught him, the real time flow will stop and they will never be able to access it again unless there was another burglary happening at your house. If someone in home experiences a heart assault or a stroke, our system will immediately send a signal to the emergency line within country and an ambulance will show up as fast as possible.

Token Sale: 02 April — 30 June
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