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Proof Token (PROOF)

Token sale completed on 30 November
3,100,000 USD
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We propose an easy and digestible user experience for investing with simultaneous insurance defenses governed by (with the certainty of) immutable digitally computed algorithms. This proposed enjoy try driven by the Assurance Market Protocol (AMP). The AMP is a couple of protocols and smart contracts offering for a truly decentralized marketplace, involving untrusting counterparties whom might never be conscious of each more's’ true identities. The counterparties are in a position to trade ownership of physical and nonphysical assets without the necessity for brokers or conventional banking institutions to handle fiat currency. This activity occurs within a self-regulating, unambiguous environment built upon the cornerstones of deterministic, automatic custodianship of financial assets and crowdsourced underwriting.

Token Sale: 01 November — 30 November
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