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Quant Network (QNT)

Token sale completed on 30 April
11,000,000 USD 16,600,000 USD 66%
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Quant Network (QNT)

Overledger is a brand new blockchain working system that intends to unravel the issue of singleledger dependency by growing the communicability amongst DLTs to permit normal objective functions to run on the highest of various blockchains. Overledger abstracts single-ledger dependency know-how to beat the sure of various architectures no matter addresses, ledger implementation and consensus mechanisms. Rather than defining a selected platform with a number of connectors accommodating the plugin of the compliant DLTs, our resolution introduces a vendor-independent wire-level protocol for message-oriented middleware. By decoupling the Transaction Layer with a shared Messaging Layer, Overledger gives a novel resolution to interoperability for digital ledger environments. Overledger additionally permits the enterprise logic to decouple from the underlying ledger. It will increase the communicability amongst chains with the privateness constraints that decentralized functions demand.

Token Sale: 02 April — 30 April
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