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Quarteria (PROQ)

Real Estate
Token sale completed on 01 October
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Quarteria; a platform for real estate transactions on the Blockchain. Quarteria aims to relieve the biggest issues in the current global housing market by facilitating two core tasks: (1) A decentralized listing service; (2) A decentralized escrow service to safely transfer real home on our distributed ledger. Quarteria will accomplish these aims by giving an international decentralized listing services. Here, people will have the ability to list residential or commercial characteristics for purchase, rent, or even for auction. Anyone on earth will manage to browse the listing service and view characteristics valued in real-time fiat and cryptocurrencies. This will be supported with a decentralized moderation service, which will prevent the working platform from being overtaken by bad actors. Through this network, people will also feel in a position to execute transactions, leasing and purchasing genuine property with cryptocurrency.

Token Sale: 17 June — 01 October
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