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Ravn&#39s Korrax (KRX) Logo

Ravn&#39s Korrax (KRX)

Token sale completed on 16 October
Goal: 57,000,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

Ravn is a private, encrypted, anonymous, and invisible instant texting software. Furthermore, with all the addition of blockchain technologies to your Ravn community, it’s going to become the world's first hidden talk app with a built-in cryptocurrency token. The utility for the Korrax token (popular as ‘KRX’) will be featured inside the Ravn app as; RavnPay, RavnBet, RavnLotto, RavnWallet and also manage to move it to more people, or deliver it to an exchange to trade for any other crypto or fiat currencies, and use it to create/execute smart contracts. All KRX transactions within Ravn will feel anonymous and protected as a result of nature of blockchain technology. Since the Ravn software is wholly concealed on your own smart phone, their KRX balance will stay secure even if somebody gains unauthorized use of their device. We use stealth technology and ‘cloaked apps’ for Ravn login and notifications to make sure you and best you can ever access your encrypted data and cryptocurrency balance.

Token Sale: 19 September — 16 October
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