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Token sale completed on 31 December
9,558,576 USD
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bg1v provides your the opportunity to receive as much as 100 percent cashback on every thing you pick anywhere, on the web and offline purchases and on brand new and put goods – , it try adequate to simply spend with the REME-Coin. The more the acceptance of the REME-Coin expands, the more exciting this method becomes. utilizes the more modern technology and innovative payment techniques to rethink the complete marketplace. customers can influence how quickly and exactly how much cashback flows back in their wallets for many their acquisitions on users can influence the amount of their cashback payments through various system tasks, such as welcoming new active users, taking part in surveys or writing helpful item reviews. Even after the very first purchase, users receive cashback repayments in day-to-day quantities. This occurs until up to 100 percentage of these acquisitions is fully re-paid.

Token Sale: 02 May — 31 December
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